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Distilled in Sparta, Kentucky but originating in Durham, North Carolina, Old Hillside Bourbon Company offers a variety of non-chilled, filtered bourbon products smooth enough for the novice drinker but complex enough for the most discerning enthusiast.

our differentiator

non-chill filtered

All of our bourbons are non-chill  filtered, which provides a smooth drinking experience for all who partake. Old Hillside bourbon does not have a harsh aroma or finish with a strong mouthfeel like many bourbons are known for; one can choose to drink it straight, on the rocks or mix it with a variety of cocktails.

our process

authentic flavor

taste matters most

When bourbon is created, the ingredients are fermented, distilled, and barrel­-aged. The byproducts of this process, known as congeners, are extra sediments that can affect the taste of the bourbon. In non-chill bourbons, the bourbon may appear hazy if it is subjected to cold temperatures during transportation. Therefore, many bourbon distilleries chill-filter their bourbon in order to make the drink appear lighter-bodied on the shelf. However, filtering out some of the congeners may alter the flavor of the bourbon.

A bottle of Kentucky bourbon whiskey sitting on the barrel it was made inMan holding glass and Old Hillside Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
the result

smooth taste

smooth sipping exprience

At Old Hillside Bourbon Company, our priority remains the taste—not the appearance. Therefore, we do not chill-filter our bourbon. The existence of the congeners actually contributes to a smoother taste and finish, and a better overall sipping experience. These sediments also give the bourbon more complexity and differentiation.

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