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Cigars and bourbon—it’s an age-old pairing that dates back through generations, naturally coming about because of how the smooth bourbon complements the sweet or spicy profile of a cigar. This brown leaf and brown liquid pair comes in all types and tastes depending upon the brands and flavors. Of course, after creating our award-winning bourbon, the natural next step was to create a cigar that complimented it.

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Founder Courtney has a particular appreciation for cigars, so he led the way in experimenting with flavors until he came up with just the right profile for this light-to-medium-bodied cigar. Named after his grandkids Mazzi and Cody Romello, Mazcodello Cigars are premium, handmade Dominican cigars, double-wrapped with Nicaraguan leaf and tobacco, containing vintage Dominican and Cuban seed tobacco. These cigars are offered bourbon-infused or in light and dark blends.


Old Hillside Bourbon Infused

Mazcodellos cigars

Leaf and tobacco light wrapper.

Premium handmade Dominican cigars

Remarkable Product Attributes: Combination of vintage Dominican and Cuban seed tobacco from the Dominican Republic's best valleys.

Double wrapper Nicaraguan leaf and tobacco

Strength Profile: Mild-Medium body.

Price Structure

Wholesale price: Bourbon infused 10$ / Light and dark blend 7$

Retail price: Bourbon infused 20$/ Light and dark blend 15$

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