The Last Rye'd

Straight Rye Whiskey

Details of this bourbon


Dark amber


Bold rye spice and floral notes


Caramel, vanilla, mint


Slight notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and mint



Awards won by this bourbon
Double Gold Medal at the 2023 TAG Awards
Double Gold Medal at the 2023 San Francisco Spirits Competition
Double Gold 2023 SIP Awards

Dedicated to the Mount Rushmore of African-American Horse Race Jockeys, these rye bottles with the taste of caramel, vanilla, mint and spice are a must-have!

Our Straight Rye Whiskey pays homage to Kentucky Derby Black jockeys Isaac Murphy, Alonzo Clayton, Oliver Lewis, and Soup Perkins. These jockeys paved the way for future Black jockeys, who dominated the sport of horse racing from 1875 to 1903. However, as the Jim Crow laws and segregation began to grow, Black jockeys were not spared; often being denied licenses and facing physical harm. As a result, from 1921-2000, there were no Black riders in the Kentucky Derby. However the legacy of these black jockeys should not be forgotten.

Old Hillside takes great pride in honoring the history of the Black jockeys. This rye offers a bold and complex taste of caramel, vanilla, mint and floral while finishes with a slight spice punch. Our light earthy notes complement the extra sweetness during the finish.

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Old Hillside Rye is a very pleasant rye. It certainly has some familiar spice and heat towards the end, but the flavors are a bit softer up front. The fresh citrus zest is noticeable throughout, even into the finish. The flavors are complex and come and go from the forefront as I drink my glass. Graham cracker becomes more noticeable as I grow more accustomed to the spice and heat. Likewise with the rye bread, anise and melon.
Ed at Bourbon Obsessed

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