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On October 29, 2023, Old Hillside Bourbon officially kicked off a 6-month sponsorship campaign with the Orlando Jones Halloween Comedy Show and live recording at Goodnights Comedy Club in Raleigh, North Carolina. The rebroadcast will include global distribution and recognition in multiple countries including the Netherlands.

They will follow this up with a series of activations that will include a one-minute commercial that will be distributed on multiple linear and nonlinear platforms including independent TV networks, websites, and social media platforms. A food and Bourbon pairing event will be curated by the accomplished celebrity Chef Tanisha Carter in the North Carolina area.

Multiple Celebrity in-store tastings and a Kentucky Derby event will close out the schedule.

Old Hillside Bourbon Company honors the black jockey and pays tribute to the history of Kentucky bourbon with a barrel at the center of the crest, which is the heart of the brand. The bull represents the rich history of Durham NC, celebrating Black Wall Street, and Hillside High School. Hillside High School is also where the founders met and is currently recognized as one of the oldest historically Black High Schools that operated in the state of North Carolina before desegregation.


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